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Ana Stepanovic, Principal of rentals(inside)out Seven Hills shares her tips on finding the right rental property. ‘You have a really short time to view rentals so a checklist is a must when inspecting’.



Know what’s important to you and add it to your checklist. Do you need access to public transport? Walking distance to schools and shops? Near a park for the kids? Is it difficult to find parking on the street?



Check the doors and windows for locks and whether there’s a security system. For apartments, ensure the street access is secure. Notice if the property has secure parking off the street. These details may impact the premium of your contents or car insurance



The cost of utilities may be a consideration for you or you may just have a personal preference so check if the property is connected to natural gas, bottle gas, electricity or solar.


Fitting everything in

Will your lounge, fridge, piano or other bulky items fit in the property? Will you have access to move everything in? Check the storage available on the property.


Condition report

Carefully check the condition of the property, making a note of repairs that are needed and how clean it is. If you take the property you will have the opportunity to go through the condition report and raise any issues with the Property Manager.